LigiBet is a fully licensed sportsbook providing world football betting.
We allow you to place football bets 24 hours a day on the world’s top football leagues.
With over 150 football leagues from every corner of the world, you’ll never be short of betting opportunities.

How does it work?
  • Search for the leagues you want to play.
  • Click on the market and the Unique Betting Code will appear on the bet slip.
  • You can now play on the website by sending the Unique Betting Code by sms to 29969.
  • Confirmation messages will be send to you.
  • If you win, you will receive a winning SMS.
What is a Unique Betting Code (UBC):

Unique Betting Code is a number which is divided into three parts 0000#0#00 that allows you to bet via sms.
The 1st part before the # hashtag represent the event ID
The 2nd part after the hashtag # is the market code
The 3rd part is the value which represent the wager amount for sms betting

  • You will always see the Unique Betting Code on your bet slip.
  • Copying this Unique Betting Code allows you to place an SMS bet.
  • Send the Unique Betting Code via SMS to 29969 to place your bet.
  • Enter the MPESA Paybill No 299690
  • Enter the word “SPORT” or “GAME” as the account number.
  • Enter your bet amount for depositing
  • Following the SMS instructions to place bets
  • SMS the Unique Betting Code to 29969.
    E.g. 987978#01#500
  • To create combination bets, repeat the 1st and 2nd part before the wager amount.
  • You will receive your Reference by SMS.
  • If you win, you will receive a winning SMS.
  • You can SMS “BALANCE” to 29969 to get your balance
  • SMS PIN to 29969 to receive a new password
  • SMS WD#Amount to 29969 to withdraw to your account
  • Register an account.
  • Deposit Funds into your online wallet.
  • Select your game, market and place your bet
  • If you win, you will receive a winning SMS.

Markets Description
  • 1X2

Simply, bet on the 1X2 market involves predicting which team will win the game or if it will be a draw. The number 1 represents the home team, the 2 is the away side and X is for the draw. As the most simple market available.

  • Double Chance

Double Chance means you bet on a team to either win or draw their fixture. That is as long as they do not lose the match, the bet will be a winner. Odds for double chance bets are interesting when one of the teams is a strong outsider.

  • Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet is the betting market which removes the outcome of a draw on three-way markets, allowing you to bet on either a home or away win.

  • Total

This football betting is the total goals over/under market. You simply have to predict how many goals are going to be scored in the game and place their bet accordingly.

  • Exact Goals

Exact Goals means you are predicting the number of goals within a football game over the course of 90 minutes. Under over goals betting tips are usually based on expected total goals scored by either of the teams

  • Both Teams to Score

To win a Both Teams to score bet, both teams need to score at least one goal, making any result from 1-1 and upwards, a winning bet. You can bet on the exact opposite (the “no goal” option), which requires that either both or one of the teams does not find the back of the net during a match.

  • Correct Score

Correct Score is a bet on the exact score of a match at the end of normal time. A correct score betting market lists the possible final scores for a particular sporting fixture. Odds are assigned to each of these.

Market SMS Codes
Market Outcome Shortcode
1x2 Home 1
1x2 draw x
1x2 Away 2
Double chance Home or draw 10
Double chance Home or Away 12
Double chance draw or Away 02
Draw no bet Home d1
Draw no bet Away d2
Handicap Home 0:1 ah1
Handicap draw 0:1 ah0
Handicap Away 0:1 ah2
Handicap Home 1:0 hh1
Handicap draw 1:0 hh0
Handicap Away 1:0 hh2
Handicap Home 0:2 2ah1
Handicap draw 0:2 2ah0
Handicap Away 0:2 2ah2
Handicap Home 2:0 2hh1
Handicap draw 2:0 2hh0
Handicap Away 2:0 2hh2
Handicap Home 0.25 1h025
Handicap Away 0.25 2h025
Handicap Home 0.5 1h05
Handicap Away 0.5 2h05
Handicap Home -0.25 1hn025
Handicap Away -0.25 2hn025
Handicap Home -0.5 1hn05
Handicap Away -0.5 2hn05
Handicap Home 1 1h1
Handicap Away 1 2h1
Handicap Home 1.25 1h125
Handicap Away 1.25 2h125
Handicap Home 0.75 1h075
Handicap Away 0.75 2h075
Handicap Home 1.5 1h15
Handicap Away 1.5 2h15
Total over 2 ov2
Total under 2 ud2
Total over 0.5 ov05
Total under 0.5 ud05
Total over 1.5 ov15
Total under 1.5 ud15
Total over 2.25 ov225
Total under 2.25 ud225
Total over 2.5 ov25
Total under 2.5 ud25
Total over 3.5 ov35
Total under 3.5 ud35
Total over 4.5 ov45
Total under 4.5 ud45
Total over 5.5 ov55
Total under 5.5 ud55
Total over 1.75 ov175
Total under 1.75 ud175
Total over 2.75 ov275
Total under 2.75 ud275
Exact goals 0 g0
Exact goals 1 g1
Exact goals 2 g2
Exact goals 3 g3
Exact goals 4 g4
Exact goals 5 g5
Exact goals 6 g6
Exact goals 7 g7
Exact goals 8 g8
Exact goals 9+ g9
Both teams to score yes gg74
Both teams to score no ng76
Correct score 0:0 200
Correct score 1:0 210
Correct score 2:0 220
Correct score 3:0 230
Correct score 4:0 240
Correct score 0:1 201
Correct score 1:1 211
Correct score 2:1 221
Correct score 3:1 231
Correct score 4:1 241
Correct score 0:2 202
Correct score 1:2 212
Correct score 2:2 222
Correct score 3:2 232
Correct score 4:2 242
Correct score 0:3 203
Correct score 1:3 213
Correct score 2:3 223
Correct score 3:3 233
Correct score 4:3 243
Correct score 0:4 204
Correct score 1:4 214
Correct score 2:4 224
Correct score 3:4 234
Correct score 4:4 244
Correct score other csa